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country    France       year    2018      duration    8min
genre    Drama       technology    3D Animation      topic    Connections




Hefe Fabio
published on 14 March 2019
H How many times in our life did we saw animations of animals? And yet so rarely we saw them acting like real animals.
What we see here is the Japanese Macaque, or if we want to use the real name  Nihonzaru (????? from the word Japan+Saru, "monkey") Impossible not to mention of course that the most famous appearance of them in the incredible documentary Baraka of Ron Fricke.
In the Jigokudani Monkey Park, a place constantly full of photographers and tourists, a group of monkey goes in the winter to enjoy the hot springs and to protect themselves from the tremendous cold by the simple act of just taking a bath. 
What we see here is just this, pure and natural, in the act of the climbing and reaching the hot spring.
How do we see all this? We do not notice it immediately but is done through the eye of a female mother, not exactly the first one in the pyramid of power of this specific animal, in fact, the Japanese Macaque is a society with a dominance hierarchy, with one male having alpha status.
The representation of the power structure here is showed with the images, there is no need of using any other languages then the real one of the animals itself. The narration develops in a fast and simple way and what we see here are the primal instincts of these creatures. All of a sudden however on the way up to the hot spring we see just a glimpse in the privileged ones that got access to the water to some anthropomorphic resemblances, mainly just showed by expressions and movements. Did we not saw everybody after all the animal farm and the effects of animals who get too close to the top of the pyramid? All this, of course, does not last for long and we are all of a sudden immediately thrown back in the raw, cruel animal universe. Herzog described while speaking about the animal nature in Grizzly man this very well exposed here: 
"no kinship, no understanding, no mercy. I only see the overwhelming indifference of nature."
It is really difficult to us to accept the fact that animals are not always peaceful, but it is even more hard to accept that sometimes they do not even care what we think about them.
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