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director & writer Luke Busby
2min   •   United Kingdom   •   2012
Sci Fi    •    3D Animation
director & writer Nick Peterson
12min   •   USA   •   2012
Drama    •    Stop motion
director Riley Stearns
5min   •   USA   •   2012
Drama    •    Live action
director, writer and producer Miguel Santana
7min   •   United Kingdom   •   2012
Drama    •    Live action
режисьор Hugo Cierzniak
6min   •   France   •   2012
Dramedy    •    3D Animation
director Alois Di Leo
9min   •   Brazil   •   2012
Drama    •    Animation
director Nima Raoofi
4min   •   Australia   •   2012
Drama    •    Live action
director Paul Murphy
12min   •   United Kingdom   •   2012
Drama    •    Live action
режисьор, продуцент и сценарист Guillaume Blanchet
3min   •   Canada   •   2012
Experimental    •    Live action
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