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Interview with Slava Doytcheva
published by Boryana Todorova on 06/06/2019 in  Interviews
69th Berlin International Film Festival
published by Alexander Milchev on 24/02/2019 in  Festivals
Interview with Lucas Martell
I think every movie is different. Some movies are entertainment, some tackle serious issues, and there are absolutely certain movies, particularly documentaries that have changed society. But to require every film to conform to that standard is just as bad as saying that films shouldn’t have a message to them.
published by Yulian Spasov on 10/02/2019 in  Interviews
Interview with Alexander Yaneff
Още преди да се занимавам с кино ме е вълнувала идеята, в която реалното и нереалното се размиват. За мен един сюжет не трябва да бъде изцяло завършен, а да остави у зрителя емоция върху, която той разсъждава, дори и да не му харесва това, което гледал. Именно това означава, че неговото внимание е приковано.
published by Boryana Todorova on 13/01/2019 in  Interviews
Interview with Dimitris Georgiev
"Depending on the scenario and the outcome situation, I think every cinematic story is different, this is our job. To read a story properly and to tell that story through our own visual language. And where it ends... maybe always it ends in the viewer's mind."
published by Yulian Spasov on 13/01/2019 in  Interviews
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